Who Should Consider Dental Implants?

While dental implants are available for a wide range of patients, there are important considerations. Anyone can talk to their dentist to help determine if dental implants are the right choice for them.

Health Considerations

There are some important health considerations before getting dental implants. Since a dental implant is rooted into the bone just like a real tooth, there must be sufficient bone and gum strength remaining to anchor the tooth. Patients that have extensive bone or gum deterioration may not be suitable for an implant.

A patient must also be more committed to maintaining good oral hygiene. Unlike dentures, a dental implant cannot be simply taken out and cleaned. A patient must be prepared to care for the implant just like they would a normal tooth. This means consistent brushing and flossing and routine dental checkups.

There are certain people who may not be suitable for any type of surgery. Those with certain chronic diseases such as diabetes or those who have issues with bleeding or infection should be upfront about these issues with the dentist before undergoing surgery.

Insurance and Cost

It is important for patients to keep in mind that dental implants are not typically covered by dental insurance. The procedure is also relatively more expensive compared to most types of dental work or dentures. A patient may want to discuss covered with the insurance company.


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