Preventing Peri-implantitis among Implant Owners

Peri-implantitis is oftentimes considered as a ‘time bomb’ for dental implant owners. It is a bacterial disease that causes inflammation as well as the slow loss of the jaw bone that is holding the implant in place. What makes this condition challenging is the fact that dentists cannot tell if the infection could be entering after the bone recedes, or the bone recedes because of the infection.


That being the case, the treatment is also still a mystery. Thankfully, however, dental professionals are now able to successfully operate dental implants while preventing the development of peri-implantitis.


Prevention is Better than Cure


According to most dental professionals, rather than treatment, people with dental implants should be wary of peri-implantitis’ primary symptom, peri-implant mucositis, which is characterized by swollen gums which may bleed when probed. If left untreated, this will develop into peri-implantitis.


Prevention can be done in the form of proper oral hygiene as well as regular checkups for your oral health and specifically for your dental implants. Dental implants require care and attention, so find a proper dentist that can assist in your implant maintenance. Treating the dental implants as you would your natural teeth is a good mindset to have.


Keep in mind that neglecting dental implant checkup and maintenance is one of the main causes of bacterial growth. Finally, as a precaution, having a healthy eating lifestyle to back up your oral hygiene can help ensure that your gums and jawbone are safe from peri-implantitis.


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