Finding a Dentist for Gingivitis Prevention

Gingivitis, considered to be one of the most common health problems, is characterized by infection of the gums that lead to inflammation, swelling, and bleeding. Gingivitis, however, is but a symptom of other periodontal diseases, which can then lead to gum recession, bone loss, or teeth falling out.


A recent report by CDC shows 47.2% of adults having periodontal diseases, one of them being gingivitis. Despite this, gingivitis remain to be one of the least treated oral health disease, which, in turn, makes it a prominent oral disease even through adulthood and old age.


Dealing With Gingivitis


Prevention is the best form of treatment for gingivitis. You have to keep in mind that infections that can lead to gingivitis typically is a result of eating unhealthy food and lack of proper oral hygiene. Other reasons that can cause gingivitis would include smoking, diabetes, stress, and heredity.


Finding a reliable dentist can help in gingivitis prevention and treatment. Depending on the gravity of the situation, treatment of gingivitis may include deep cleaning of the root of the tooth hidden below the gums as well as medication taken orally or inserted under the gums. In some cases, a dentist might also recommend reconstructive and restorative surgery.


Regular visits to a dentist can help avoid gingivitis treatment entirely. With the prescriptions that dentists can give you, the right balance of this and a healthy lifestyle and oral hygiene can help clear up the gingivitis-causing bacteria that may thrive in your gums.


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