Why Cosmetic Dentistry Has Become a Large Industry

Cosmetic dentistry is by-and-large one of the most successful industries when it comes to appearance. It has evolved into a great industry due to the presentation of what was once a luxury that has been proven to be a necessity.

The Impact of a Smile

The importance of a person’s appearance has gained traction due to the significantly visual society, where looks and first impressions matter more. With this in mind, cosmetic dentistry has grown and has focused on the appearance of teeth and other oral functions. With procedures for teeth whitening, realignment, resizing, repositioning, among others, people have given more time and effort into keeping better dental appearances.

Teeth and Perceived Personality

There is also an impact that one’s dental appearance does on the appraisal of personal characteristics. In the 2003 study by Newton, Prabhu, and Robinson, they have concluded that in the absence of external factors, participants of the study were affected by dental appearance in their judgment of the personality of a person.

This is why giving attention to dental appearance has become more correlated to success and popularity as well as the influence and power of a person. With such a huge effect on the other aspects of an individual’s life, a quick trip to a cosmetic dentist does not sound very meddlesome anymore. In fact, it is a welcome day for most patients looking to get better teeth, further cementing the importance of cosmetic dentistry in society.


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