Dental Issues 101: Bad Breath Causes, Implications And Treatment

You wake up to a fine day with the gentlest rays of the sun touching your face. Everything is perfect, then you yawn. The picture perfect atmosphere of the morning is disrupted by the stifling smell coming from your mouth. Every morning goes like this and you just bear with it thinking it’s normal.

Halitosis, more commonly referred to as morning breath can break any romantic plans in the morning. Apparently, everyone has morning breath to some extent. This happens when your mouth dries out during sleep and this causes odor-producing bacteria to thrive. That explains the bad breath in the morning.

Bad Breath Causes And Health Implications

Some sleeping habits such as snoring and breathing through the mouth during the night even worsens the case of bad breath in the morning due to faster rate of drying of saliva. It is one thing to have bad breath in the morning but to experience it all day is another matter entirely.


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