How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

Everybody wants a perfect smile, and nowadays achieving that end is made possible with the assistance of a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists take different approaches to enhance your smile, and the method that is best for you depends upon your specific dental situation.
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The Link Between Gum Disease and Health

Increasingly, dentists and doctors are realizing that general health and dental health are linked. Your dentist can tell a lot about your overall health from looking at your teeth. Here are some major diseases and conditions that are linked to dental health. Gum disease in particular seems to be a predictor of or go hand-in-hand with other health problems.
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Dental Implants After Bone Loss

When a permanent tooth is lost, several things begin to happen. The part of the jawbone where the tooth was begins to deteriorate as does the gum. The deterioration of bone happens at a surprisingly rapid pace within the first year after the loss of the tooth. This means that even if it has only been a matter of months since you have lost a tooth, there may have been significant deterioration of the jawbone. This could mean that before a dental implant can be placed, the bone must be rebuilt.
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