Common Dental Problems among Children

You might think of dental problems as commonly afflicting adults or, at most, teenagers. Children are not old enough to develop the dental problems that happen over years, such as gum disease, and they don’t even have their permanent teeth yet.

However, there are dental problems that even young children can develop. A dentist can work with children to ensure that any early dental problems do not result in poor oral health later on.

Decay From Baby Bottles

Sugary drinks, milk and even breast milk can cause tooth decay in babies and toddlers. In addition to the pain and discomfort of tooth decay, deterioration of baby teeth is a problem because their position affects how permanent teeth come in including whether or not they are crooked. Parents should avoid letting a baby fall asleep with a bottle or breast in its mouth.


This is a harmless habit when children are very young. However, as children’s permanent teeth come in, it needs to be discouraged because it can disrupt the alignment of those teeth.

Tongue Thrusting

Some children swallow by thrusting their tongue against the back of their teeth. This can lead to an overbite. A speech pathologist may be able to assist with this habit.


This is the name for a bad bite, and it could be caused by the above problems or it might happen for another reason. A malocclusion should be treated sooner rather than later so that it does not worsen.


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